Who We Are

Our agency's story begins over 40 years ago with the founding of Mueller & Associates in Tucson, Arizona. In the years that followed we continued to grow and were acquired by Compass Bank in 2003 who was ultimately purchased by BBVA in 2007. Throughout the decades our original core members remained and continued to service the community. It was these very same members, led by current president Cody Ritchie, who successfully gained independent ownership of the firm and founded Crest Insurance Group on June 1st, 2010. While times and circumstances have changed, we have maintained our identity and continue to provide our clients with the personalized service they've come to expect.

What We Do

Crest Insurance Group is a full service insurance agency providing our clients access to hundreds of national carriers spread across all the markets. Our strength comes from our approach to each client; by listening and understanding your specific insurance needs. Our clients choose us for our solid reputation of service, experience, and knowledge of the industry. Though our outstanding customer service, we forge long lasting relationships. We believe that the service you receive after your coverage is in place is just as important as the initial buying process and the cost. Our agency is ready to partner with you to make sure you find the insurance coverage you need now and for the years to come.

Why Choose Crest

Whether it's professional liability, workers' comp, aviation, auto, health or life, insurance is essentially a contract between the insured and the carrier. Business owners and individuals often need to work with people who understand the markets and can present and explain the different options available. Our agency has dozens of brokers with specialized knowledge of almost every type of coverage. You have your life to live and at Crest we manage the entire insurance process so you don't have to. Simplicity is our advantage. With Crest you have the peace of mind that our team of business professionals are working for you. We look forward to serving you and having you join our family of clients!

The Crest Insurance Advantage

Custom Solutions
Crest offers personalized insurance programs to meet the needs of individuals and families to large businesses alike. Our consultant-style approach to designing custom plans helps you mitigate those frequently unforeseen risks and gaps.
Comprehensive Options
Crest is a regional agency with a national reach, so you can meet with us in person yet still receive all the options and offerings of those 800 number companies. We also proudly support a large variety of local organizations and charities.
Competitive Pricing
Crest has access to many of the top-rated insurance carriers nationwide, ensuring we can create custom insurance packages to fit any budget. The flexibility provided with this wide array of choices allows us to consistently save you money.

Client Testimonials

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